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Recording Studio

We are constantly looking for new talents.

Our Label Releases only Afro House, Organic House, Progressive House, Deep House and

Melodic House /Techno

You can send us your demos at the following adress. We will happy to listen to you and give you an answer very quickly.

About Us

Audiolab Music was founded as a music consultancy in 2008, as a record company, adding the concept of primarily supporting female DJs and Producers.  Audiolab is a music production company that operates in music, events, mixing, mastering, and production.  We offer fast and accurate solutions by combining the demands and expectations of our customers with our experience and talent. In this direction, when starting a new project, we first examine the materials analyze them very well, and learn the target audience we want to reach. Afterward, we combine our customers' expectations with our experience and talent and produce works that are suitable for the product image. It brings its competent and talented workforce together with the best equipment; We are working hard to offer our customers more than imagined. In order to meet the demands and expectations, we adopt a customer-oriented approach where continuous improvements are made.

You can contact us to get to know us better.


Releasing Music

A song starts with inspiration and writing, then a demo should be produced, followed by tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, promotion of the project, distribution and release, and lastly fan reception.

Understanding all of these aspects in detail is crucial to planning and coordinating a successful release.

Right now you can order an Individual Service

Ghost Production

Fundamentally, a Ghost Producer is a music producer who makes or co-writes music tracks for another artist where his name stays off-camera and nowhere to be referenced. The track released is often termed as a Ghost Production. The track is released under the name of the artist or record label that contracts the ghost producer to make tracks for them. Consequently, the ghost producer gets a flat fee or gets paid in royalties for the tracks they produce. The phenomenon of selling the track under the name of other artist and not the ghost producer him/herself is a mutual and lawful understanding between both the two parties.

Mix and Mastering

Mixing and mastering are two distinct but equally important components of the music production process that might be difficult to identify. Mixing is the process before mastering, and it entails integrating and modifying separate recordings to make a professional stereo mix. Mixing and Mastering are essential parts of music production. 


If you need professional help mixing and mastering your songs, you can contact Audiolab Music.

Commercial Music

Commercial music is a type of music that is created, performed, and marketed to the public, for the purpose of making money. This can include music that is sold or licensed for use in commercials, as well as music that is explicitly created to be used in advertising.

Commercial music can be divided into two categories: original commercial music and stock commercial music. Original commercial music is music that is created specifically for commercial use, while commercial stock music is pre-existing music that has been licensed for commercial use


Dedication Expertise Passion.

This is our Team section. It's a great place to introduce our team and talk about what makes it special, such as your culture or work philosophy. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to contribute to your success. Audiolab  will be able to support you on all your projects in order to bring out the best of your work. This with the possibility that we offer you with our best sound engineers and the best equipment you can use.

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